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In no other country where settlers established themselves in power had such a transition occurred. No turning point of such magnitude can be explained by reference to a single cause.

There is no doubt that remarkable personalities played key roles, chief among them Nelson Mandela himself, but no explanation that turns on personalities alone can be adequate.

In its Postamble the Interim Constitution remembers “the divisions and strife of the past, which generated gross violations of human rights, the transgression of humanitarian principles in violent conflicts and a legacy of hatred, fear, guilt and revenge”.

The new Constitution is presented as providing “a historic bridge”.

This was a time characterised by the military occupation of townships, mass detentions, assassinations and the widespread use of torture.

Though this seemed to most people to foretell a violent and prolonged revolution, within a decade the country had become a constitutional state with safeguards for individual liberty and numerous checks and balances on the abuse of executive power.

Voters queued for hours to participate in South Africa's first democratic elections in 1994Great lines of patient people snaking through the dirt roads of towns and cities, old women who had waited half a century to cast their vote, saying they had felt like human beings for the first time in their lives, White men and women saying they were proud to live in a free country at last ...

The founding election of April 1994 was, for all its flaws, sufficiently inclusive to be accepted as legitimate by all major players.frontline states - historically, any Southern African country actively supporting the liberation movements in their struggle against apartheid.However, the transition occurred relatively rapidly and without the racial civil war that most commentators in the 1980s believed was inevitable.The April 1994 election was an exciting and momentous event for most people in South Africa.In the new order born in the early 1990s, all citizens were for the first time equal in law, irrespective of race.The end of apartheid and the surrender of political power by the White minority to the majority constitutes, in the long perspective of history, a key turning point, and one of world historical importance.

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