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Here are some alarming statistics I came across: How are Christian young men and women doing?According to a study done by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, 80% of unmarried "born again" Christians 18-29 say they have been sexually active. Clearly, what is needed is a call and a commitment to live Biblical norms.People are now more hasty about it; the journey is shorter than it was before.” Another man said he felt people were too preoccupied with finding a girlfriend or boyfriend for the sake of having one, rather than focusing on developing their own interests.Despite this, he remained unconvinced by the power of apps to change the local dating scene, saying; “I don’t see such a huge change in the dating practice among my gang.

After I finished Gary Wilson's "Your Brain On Porn" this book tells me more details about how porn industries and business desperately make money by exploiting women and destroying the true value of love.And people’s parents can be very conservative.” Momo love to give: uncensored insight into behaviour, desires of Chinese using dating apps Young men voiced similar feelings about dating apps, particularly Tinder. I’ve gone through a couple, and I could honestly say you can really never get what you want from it.Stephen*, 25, said he had decided to “lessen his expectations” after a couple of disappointing dates. I think the speed of dating has become a lot faster.We will live differently than the people of our age because God said so. What would that be like if the church said, "We don't care what the rest of the world is doing? "Here is a book named The Porn Myth that reviewed by some readers as below.I really appreciate the author of this book, It's really a "intelligent book" for people who wanna kick off porn and realize how bad the porn is.

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