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In the year 2015, romance has blossomed for many of these Kpop idols and celebrities.It’s hard to keep tabs on Kpop idols lately with all the news and rumors circulating. Here’s a list of some Kpop idols confirmed to be dating by their agencies and representatives.Dating scandals, revelations, denials and confirmations are all part of the Kpop world.Our idols are not robots and they are perfectly capable of feelings.Kangin means “strong benevolence”, a strong but nice person.

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– He used to share a room with the manager in SJ’s dorm – When Shindong’s on a diet he talks about food in his sleeps. But he was lucky because he didn’t get much injury. – Sungmin’s ideal type: girls shorter than him, cute, acts cute a lot, nice, sings well or likes music.

– His religion is Christian – Kangin is known for talking too much.

– The name “KANGIN” was given to him to suit his personality.

There are also some who have kept their relationship as a secret and have been dating for a while: Soyeon (T-ARA) and Oh Jong Hyuk – December 2010 (September 2013 official announcement) to present Prior to their official statement, the two have been dating for the past 3 years after meeting each other on several TV programs.

Yoon A (Girls’ Generation) and Lee Seung Gi – December 2013 to present Yoona and Lee Seung Gi’s dating rumors stirred a lot of emotions in both camps, but people came to accept their relationship and showed support. Suzy (Miss A) and Lee Min Ho – February 2015 (March 2015 official announcement) to present Lee Min Ho admitted to be charmed by Suzy first and making the first move.

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