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The producers aimed to draw in a wider audience with larger than life personalities, with Stunt Casting featuring prominently for the first time, much of the cast being models/actors.

It was the first to star a racer from another CBS reality show (), and made the Amazing Race one of the only shows to feature a person with dwarfism.

They would get brought into the spotlight upon Charla & Mirna's elimination, with their surreptitious plotting against Colin & Christie becoming the major storyline at the tail end of the season.

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outspoken nature, making them many fans and haters among other teams and the audience alike.Though the cousins initially seemed to win, their flight was delayed, putting them and the Bowling Moms on the last charter flight into Tanzania, and as the leg relied so much on traveling by foot, Charla's lack of foot speed proved to be their undoing, as they fell behind and finished 6th.Nonetheless, their unique dynamic earned them a spot in All-Stars and the separate Brothers who own a pizza parlor together.Thanks to the changes and the memorable cast the season was a success, with the show drawing in its best ratings so far despite airing during the summer months, and as a consequence is considered one of the best (and most important) entries in the series..They started off as an apparent Cannon Fodder team, barely scraping by for the first three legs.

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