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And it’s why the series, which had previously demonstrated an uncanny ability to modulate tone, started whipsawing and stumbling and falling into pits it dug for itself, at times delivering subplots that were so silly or listless that you weren’t sure if they were bad examples of a particular trope or an equally terrible spoof (like James Hurley getting drawn into what felt like a high-school production of ). It was charming and weird, but it was also creepy and upsetting and sometimes genuinely horrifying.It seems less likely that Lynch and his producing partner Mark Frost will have that problem in this outing, because they’ve had 27 years to think about what they might do if they had the chance, and there are people working on the series who came up in the world of post– was always more about a mood and a vibe than the murder mystery that got such an improbably large audience so excited about its debut. Watching a series like means accepting that much of it, indeed a lot of it, is going to be fundamentally unsatisfying, because the artists are working close to their subconscious minds, writing and directing and producing in much the same way that Cooper made many of his investigative decisions. It gave you a spoonful of sugar, then it punched you in the gut.and artists like Lynch because hating everything that’s not a meat-and-potatoes linear narrative with traditional bits of foreshadowing and callbacks and payoffs is square, and nobody wants to be a square, daddy-o.did — the tendency is to proclaim that it was pretty good until it “jumped the shark” or “shat the bed” or otherwise stopped being good.There was incest, sexual exploitation, drug abuse, drug trafficking, domestic violence, smuggling, murder, and corporate crime happening in those cottages and hotel rooms and in the gloom of the woods.But more impressive — perhaps more daring, considering Americans’ limited tolerance for sincerity — was the show’s willingness to plumb the emotional depths of its characters with the white-hot intensity of a 1950s melodrama or a 1970s Italian horror film, without distancing devices, and often without facetiousness or irony.Viewers over the legal drinking age had to decide to be okay with a certain level of emotional exposure while watching the original was playful about everything except pain. It was amusing at first, but then it became maddening.

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It was also a reaction to the series itself — all of its elements, but perhaps especially the intensity of its darkness.The show’s severe case of artist’s block is how we ended up with a wheel-spinning episode where Leland Palmer drove around with a murder victim in the trunk of his car while audiences clamored for closure to the Laura mystery.It’s also the reason why there was so much stuff in the second half of season two that was weird in a cutesy or gratuitously wacky way, almost like something out of a bad David Lynch parody (think of Josie Packard as a doorknob, or Catherine Martell reappearing on the show as an Asian man with a mustache).Everybody who watches the new has to recognize this and not be surprised or upset by it. The bellhop seemed incapable of understanding what he wanted, much less that Cooper had been shot and would bleed out if help didn’t come soon. ” And as the premiere unfolded, taking its sweet time meandering along instead of sprinting toward resolution, you could feel everyone in the room, except for the die-hard Lynchians who would sit through anything he made, getting bored, then surly. He’s done it to greater or lesser degrees in every film he’s made, and he’s going to do it again in the new Hard-core Lynchians are going to be mostly okay with it.It’s going to be part of the package, because it’s an area of life that is of deep interest to Lynch, the director of such light and peppy movies as was about to start its second season. Everyone else is going to start grumbling the first time Lynch wanders off the beaten path for several minutes to futz around.

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