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We found an ad for The Devil’s Own, the movie with Brad Pitt. In the pilot, you have the “walk the dog scene,” where you suggest that Dawson masturbates in the morning while watching Katie Couric on the Today show. I probably wanted to play roles I didn’t physically fit.

” We started looking through Entertainment Weekly, which was on the counter. TV is so much racier now, but when Dawson’s Creek premiered, it really caused ripples. I remember bringing Champagne for the crew—Dawson finally lost his virginity! She was the youngest, age-wise, but she was the oldest of all of us. At the time, I was wanting to play older roles, but in reality I still looked young. I got a little different perspective on life and the industry, and I started making my way back in again. Then Kevin kicked and screamed and put his foot down: “I wrote Dawson! I even had hemp necklaces on—I was going through that period in my life. That opened up the door for us as well to do movies. So that night, we raced around town trying to get a haircut for me. Kevin’s assistant had a haircutter who stayed open late for us. She was really sweet—and “Ohmygosh, I can’t believe I’m here.” She was straight out of Ohio. I was excited about doing films, getting to work with different directors and getting to play other types of roles. That will really focus you on what’s important in no time at all. “I think Der Beek, ’cause I would get straight up in his grill,” said Corden.Holmes refused to give a straightforward answer, but she did appear to agree with Reynolds’ guess.

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