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Accessible only by air, Akpatok Island rises out of the water, sheer cliffs soar 150 to 245 m (500 to 800 ft) above the sea surface.

The island is uninhabited, except for a Dorset (paleo-Eskimo) settlement that was abandoned by 1900 and a defunct exploratory oil drill, built in 1971.

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Angling through the mountains is part of the Rocky Mountain Trench, a valley that extends from Montana in the US, to just south of the Yukon Territory in Canada.Montreal is the largest city in the dominantly French-speaking province of Quebec, and the second-largest in Canada, after Toronto.While the city of Montreal proper is located on - and almost completely covers - the Island of Montreal at the confluence of the St.Low clouds filled a part of the Trench near the border between the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia.The light-reflecting nature of the clouds coupled with low sun elevation resulted in this startling effect. A night view of the Montreal metropolitan area is featured in this image from the International Space Station.

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